We are the exclusive buyer and seller of used Second hand mobile (Shop). This is a place where everyone gets a mobile in their budget or according to their need. 

Every mobile product is safe, secure and completely reliable in your budget and we also invite those who want to sell smartphone at good price. There are 5,000 customers who are enjoying our services. We also provide them better option to choose mobile as per their needs.

So we invite all those buyers and sellers who want to buy or sell their mobile phone in good price. You can contact us regarding buying or selling mobile phones.

Our Buying Policy of Used Second Hand Mobile

Mobile should not be older than 5 years.

Battery condition should be healthy, such as 80-90% acceptable.

All mobile parts must be in working condition.

Please determine that you have a proper purchase bill for the mobile phone.

Make sure you have to provide an identity card while buying or selling the mobile.

The mobile display should be in working condition and not in broken condition.


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